Arriving in Auckland

After nearly 20 hours of flying from Charlotte to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand, I have finally settled into my AirBnB in central Auckland. I haven’t really had the chance to go out and explore beyond my apartment and the Starbucks that is less than a block away – my addiction to coffee strikes again. Upon arriving in New Zealand, I have a few observations to make:


This country is absolutely beautiful, and all I’ve seen is the view from my plane window and the Skybus ride from the airport into the Auckland city center. Everything is so green, and everywhere direction I look is filled with rolling hills and brilliantly blue bays. I have already been struck by how genuinely friendly most everyone is – from my bus driver who knew where to let me off the bus despite me forgetting to press the button to request a stop, to the students who directed me towards the apartment building I was looking for as I frantically looked around for seemingly non-existent street signs. I can already tell that the friendliness I have encountered will make this trip much easier than I could ever have anticipated.

I’ll be in New Zealand from May 28th until July 1st. I’ll be splitting my time between Auckland, Wellington, and the South Island – so if you know anything about New Zealand that might be of help, let me know! If you know anyone I should meet up with, cool restaurants I should try, or awesome places to visit, let me know. My itinerary is wide-open.

I plan on updating this site/blog as much as possible while here – and uploading some cool pictures! If you’re interested in what I’m doing here, or really just care to see my pictures, follow along as I spend the next 5 weeks in New Zealand.


One thought on “Arriving in Auckland

  1. Try visiting a maori village, (mainly in Rotorua) beautiful spiritual experience. I recommend visiting Rotorua, which is a few hours out of auckland.

    We also have flea markets, around auckland – a best place to taste freshly made local food.


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